September 25, 2016

Things are running smoothly lately.
Balanced. Safe. Comfort.

Currently on a state of homeostasis. It's like a retrospective of what I have been through before. A practical exam of what I've learned. It's not that easy, of course, but it is a bit predictable. I'm worried that I might be blinded by the comfort of this routine. I am afraid to be on a struggling state again that I am setting aside to take the next step.

I now believe in myself. 
The irony is that, I believe her when she says.. 
" You're not good enough"
"Stay on this zone, it's not worth the risk."
"You might fail"
"How will you do that? You still got no resources yet"

I want it badly but when will I move?
Until when will I keep on making excuses?

I have to do something about it now. 
Like what they've said, if plan A won't work, you still have the rest of the alphabet.

I will.
I have to.
I want to.

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