Am I reaching for the stars?

October 16, 2016

Is there a scientific explanation why gloomy weather makes someone gloomy, as well? 
The grey sky, perhaps?

One thing's for sure, it affects my mood, big time.

I was sitting inside the bus going back to the city this afternoon. It was an impromptu decision to stay at home over the weekend. I just wanted to be surrounded by people without the need to talk to them.

I stopped by at this neighborhood café and spend the rest of the afternoon there before going home.  In exchange of comfortable seating, I chose to stay at the al fresco area because I don't want the presence of other people. 
Yes, the sudden change of mood. 

And now, I felt the need to be heard. I want to talk to someone who genuinely listens. I felt exhausted doing that role. Sometimes, the coin needs to be flipped.

But since I can't find a living human being who can play that role, I'll just put these thoughts into writing.

What's on your mind?
What's happening?

Thanks for showing interest, social networks.

So, what's really happening and what's going on in my mind?

A mixture of wants (in all aspects of life)- mostly impossible ones.

But.. but.. 
I should at least try, right?

Setting these concrete steps for your dreams (scatch that, I mean goals) will make you realize that you are still so far behind the light. And makes you question yourself.
am I just reaching for the stars?

The year will end very soon. Am I ready to take the next step?

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