January 03, 2017

2016 as revival of colors and forgotten dreams
I think I've made it. 

Behind this kept monochromatic image, I swear, this year has been one of the most colorful.
new employment. new friends. new place and housemates. new experiences
+ renewed inspiration and drive to pursue things.

It wasn't a smooth ride, though. On the last quarter of the year, our tatay (he's actually our grandpa but that's how we call him) passed away. It was sad but at least he'd be able to rest now. There is this one statement during his eulogy that has stuck on my mind. My uncle said that Tatay always wanted to become an architect. Years later, his first grand daughter was able to reach that forgotten dream and I never knew that until that night.

Despite that, the entire year has been stable. As what I keep on telling, this year has been my platform. After I got out of the black hole, it beacme the part where everything has been fixed, where I've rested and redeemed everything that has lost.

It's now time for me to move up,
 to take that first step on that next stair flight.

"Your imagination should be used not to escape reality but to create it."
-Colin Wilson

Yes, I will.
I won't let these ideas just reside in my head.
I'll make them happen. We will make them happen.

to feel 
to be more human
to connect and to disconnect
to leap and to take sharp turns
to be more grateful
to trust 

some of the things that I still have to work out while moving forward

I'll just continue what I've started and let it be.
Whatever is behind that door, I'll be ready.

so surprise me, 2017

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