May 21, 2017

It feels so good not being required to talk to people the entire day and I'm grateful to have roommates who understand quietness. I badly need this day to recharge after a week of  brainstorming, discussions and presentation. Just this 24 hours and the energy will be back (I hope).

But as the need to have a sounding board is innate. Especially when thoughts kept running around like a headless chicken- which happens uhm, all the time? and so I am back in my backdoor nook, my safety net. 

So how's life lately? 
In a nutshell..

First two quarter are going pretty good-in terms of career, family and friends and self-development. Not the way that I envisioned but as long as I don't feel stucked and everything's in balance, it's okay.  At this moment, I enjoy this homeostasis. Not so much for a big leap but atleast I get to condition myself before rocking the boat again.

The things I planned a year ago are not happening anytime soon. Some are asking about my plans and my constant answer is "uhm, surprise?" Not because I don't want to disclose anything but because I really have no idea. I would actually want to surprise myself on the decision that I'll be making. But despite going with the flow, I will not stop taking actions on pursuing things that I want. 
It still boils down to my value for balance.
 Balance between handling the internal and external forces. Accept what you cannot control but take over of what you can. 

Here are some of the realizations:

The road's maybe a little vague. There might be some detours. You might feel that you're already behind your "schedule" and behind the people you were with before. Remember that life's not a freaking race. You can be on your on pace.
As long as you know where you are heading, you'll get there.

Just enjoy life's uncertainties
and keep moving. 

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  1. Madalas talaga, gusto kita makakwentuhan. Minsan, totoo na, shoot tayo! I don't quite get what you're talking about this blog but I do feel like I can relate to it somehow.