Closing time

May 15, 2018

Will I be able to survive this concrete jungle? 
I asked, back in  May 2016.
Guess what? I did! And pretty much nailed it, I think.

764 days.

From the 7 am rush hour walk to the 2 am quiet stroll. Exploring every nook and cranny of the alleys or sitting at the park's benches, watching life. From breakfast and coffee to midnight beers & cocktails. My beautifully-lit morning route to the busy neon-lighted avenues and then those sleeping tangerine streets. Every late night work, every down time, every mundane days and every one-of-a-kind ganaps -all of them are worth it. The characters that I've met along the way- from acquaintances to friendships, I value them. Those littlest conversation helped me figure out my "Why" and I couldn't be more thankful for.

Two years. I learned a lot. 
Every single of it will be fragments of 
the person that I will become.

and now we're down to the last..

Tomorrow, I'll be waking up in my laid-back habitat. I actually don't see myself staying there again. I feel like I don't belong there. There's something about city that makes me alive- maybe those collective energy from the strangers, those scenes from the street, the diversity? I don't know exactly but it just feels like home. But as much as I wanted to stay, leaving is the next step that I should take.

This chapter may be closed. But who knows?
The story will always be "to be continued.." 
so let's see how things will pan out.
One thing's for sure.
I'll be back.
(Maybe for the sunrise?)
Timing is just everything.

Experiences like these are my driver to work on something
 that I have been pushing on the backseat for a long time.
Life is ephemeral.
And if I can do something for it to be appreciated 
by many, then I'll do it- whatever it takes.

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