And so it begins..

September 11, 2018

In between "Oh, no! What have I gotten myself into?" and 
"the heck! let's just do this." 

And we're done with the Milestone no. 1. Let us call that "the survival period". Now we're bound to the next, "the adjustment period". I have no idea how long will it takes to get used to these new things. So much to learn and re-learn (and probably unlearn?). But it has to be quick. They (the people, the situation, everything) won't wait for me. It's scary, I know. But there's this part in me that I am excited. Wait, I found the perfect word: 

Frisson (n.)
a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear. a thrill. 

Like the usual, I am not sure on what is going to happen. But I'll make it work. I have to. 
Almost down to the 3rd quarter. 3 more months and we'll bid 2018 goodbye. I remember when I was asked during the first quarter on what my plans will be for this year. I said: 
 "I don't know. I don't have high hopes or big plans. I'll just want to surprise myself." 
And now here we are, trying to start a new life. Away from the comfort zone, from the things that made me happy. 

In hindsight, I'll thank myself for making this decision. But for now, I'll just enjoy (or endure?) whatever life will throw at me. 

Good luck, Sarah.

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