January 27, 2019

s i x    m o n t h s
On seeing things in a different light

Living and working in a foreign land could totally change your point of view. It will open your mind to a lot of possibilities (if you let it to) Things are way different from how I see it back then.

"To drop everything and travel the world.
To drop everything and follow your passion.
Come what may."

I was flying.
I was too idealistic. 

Reality hits. I cannot just leave things and do everything I want. I am not saying that you shouldn't fly.  You can fly but not mindlessly. In the long run, I still need to establish stability- for myself and for my family. You're not born with a silver spoon on your mouth, girl. You gotta hustle. Yes, it can be exhausting. It makes me wanna scream to the universe and ask for something effortless, to let me experience that thing they called luck. But as a person who has been trained to be self-sufficient, if I want something, I need to act on it.

The challenge is to find a balance between my natural spontaneity and acquired pragmatism.

Keeping things grounded while still looking towards your dream, your purpose. I think I can work it out. It will not be easy, I know. So far, I am starting to learn these practical things and surprisingly, I'm absorbed into it. Let's see. Baby steps.

My greatest fear is looking back and finding yourself stuck in the same level as you were years ago. Keep trying, keep moving, keep failing and keep learning.

"Do something today that your future self will be grateful for"

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