February 24, 2019

Have you ever been consumed by your own memories or by the fantasies of the future?

I am guilty of this and I bet, you too. Our brain cannot be blamed at all. With all the stimuli present around us, we choose to dwell on the comforts of our own mind.

But how do we get out of this trap?

We have to pay attention to our thought process: metacognition as they call it.This can help us see where the thoughts are coming from, what are the effects and how to we usually respond to them. By simply doing so, we will be able to recognize the patterns thus making them seem manageable. The keyword here is to manage and it is different from control. This leads us to the next point.

Once we are aware of our train of thought, we are now more open to accepting that there are things that can and cannot be controlled. It is the nature of every situation. That is where managing takes place. We balance the constant factors with the ones that we can still change for it to yield a better result. And from here, we can take action.

 It is not the future that is scary but the actions that leads to it. We are afraid that we might screw up so we tend escape and go back to something familiar and certain- our memories and fantasies.  Uncertainty is uncomfortable. But the more we expose ourselves with this, the more we can get used to it.

The three A's that guide me in trying to get the best out of life. Some things might slip under our radar because we are busy in escaping the now. That would be a waste.

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