From a morning person

March 17, 2019

Who doesn't love weekends? 

I look at my Saturdays (well, half of it) & Sundays with a high valuation. I try to do all the errands during weekdays, even if I need to stay up late; If it's the way for me to free up my weekends, then so be it. 

A new habit that I have developed these past few weeks is to explore new parks around the area. I'll wake up at 6am, before the sunrise. A cup of Kopi Gao, Toasted Kaya Bread, and Soft-boiled eggs at those Hawker Centres. I have those moments wherein I wanted to be surrounded by people. I just feel like borrowing the energy of these connections- even if I don't understand most of their conversations. Afterward, to balance it out, I'll just look for a spot to either people watch or consume some readings. 

And so that's how my Sunday morning looks like, how's yours? 

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