New Neighborhood

October 13, 2019

View of the plaza from the public library

My current routine includes passing by this community space but this is the first time I've seen it from this view. I am actually happy with my new neighborhood. It's more vibrant than my previous one. It's been more a month and a half since I moved to a new place and work. So far, things are going smoothly. I think I got pretty good at adapting to change quickly. Good job, self. I really wanted to master this skill. A few more exposure to these kinds of situations and you'll be great at it.

It's almost half of October already. My perception of time is still distorted. I can't say if it's fast or quite slow. Looking back, I felt like I've been through a lot of change and difficult decision-making for the last 10 months and I still have 2 months and a half left. Wishing it to be on homeostasis mode, though. Just to balance things out. I need to manage the energy left in me for this year.

But we'll see. Universe has always its way of stirring things up. 

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