9 'o clock

November 02, 2019

A month ago, I purchased a new (old) film camera, because I want something compact that I can bring anywhere. Apparently, I never had the eagerness to go on a walk- despite my proximity to everything interesting.  I just wanted to rest after a long day. Maybe I need to build a weekly habit. 

So, rangefinder..  not a piece of cake. Thus, these blurred photos. 
Still keeping these though, to monitor my progress (if there will be any). 

It feels like I'm using a different pair of eyes. Still not used to this type of focusing. I need to use this more often, I guess. More film rolls to ruin. -___- What have I gotten myself into?
 Such an expensive hobby. 

I kinda love and hate Orchard district. It's always been flocked by the crowd during weekends. My introverted self cannot accommodate such energy. However, since I planned to try a new breakfast place in the vicinity, I took advantage of going on a walk during this calm morning.

Ricoh 500RF //  Kodak Colorplus 200

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