Decade Finale

December 03, 2019

View from the meeting room. 
The office Christmas tree's peeking.


And just like that, 2019 is almost over. Also, it's the final month of the decade! I don't know what to feel about it. But I am ready for 2020. More clarity, please. (yah get it?) K, Sarah. Not funny. 

What's up November?

1. The bb brother went here over the weekend. It's my first time to visit Universal Studios and surprise! I did not enjoy it that much. Not a fan of Theme Parks. I mean, waiting in line for a 5-min. ride. Not worth it. 

2. Earlier this month, I was just supposed to buy a perfume but ended up having a 3-hour convo about life with the 60-year old owner, Also, I had 2 glasses of Prosecco and slices of Panettone for free. Compelling stories and insights. That was an interesting Friday night. Way different from my old life. I like how we share the same life principles. I wonder if I just met my point D. We'll see. But for now, I am determined to reach my point C. 

3. Speaking of point C, so far, some of my SG goals have been ticked off.  Except for the fitness part. The thought of it makes me so lazy. I need to rewire my brain into doing those activities.  But how? 

Got 2 more years (or less, hopefully) to accomplish those remaining items. The succeeding months will be more challenging. I find it easier to push myself into doing something than calming myself from the agony of waiting. Almost done on the first part. Now I have to deal on the latter. If this won't be successful, I'll just find other ways. That's how life works, right? 

 (Pero God, baka naman pwede po?) 
*Isang malalim na hinga*

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