December 29, 2019

A pretty nice place to start the morning. 

This quaint local café is just 5 stops away from the house. I love how it's situated in front of the park. Perfect for people-watching. These seats for solo customers are also a plus. 

So, two blog entries in a month, huh? 
I got so many thoughts lately. End of the year got me thinking how I spent these 365 days. Was it worth my energy? 
Oh,btw. I retake the MBTI and guess what, from an INTP,  I am now an INFJ.  I mean, an F? Really? How was that for a character arc? 

But then as I go through the goals I set at the start  of the year, I ended up saying 
"Ohh, that's why!"

T a k i n g  A c t i o n s. 
Two words that can summarize my entire 2019. Probably the catalyst on that "shift".

I'll be having a year-end assessment with my closest friends later. I wanna hear their stories since they were my constants this year. And hopefully on the succeeding years. 

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