April 02, 2020

I can clearly remember this image in my head.
 It was 31st of December of the last few minutes of that decade.

The clock strikes at 23:59:55
The crowd was cheering..

Happy new year

It was very festive with all these loud music and applause and bright lights. You can feel the collective energy from every single person in that moment and you can't help but to just absorb it. It was like everyone knows that the universe is up for something incredible for that year ahead.
or so we thought.. 

2020 Apr 02

Now the first quarter's gone, and so are lives..

It is so surreal.
Seeing historical photos of the previous pandemic side by side with the modern images of what is currently happening in the world triggers my anxiety. I know a lot of us feel the same way. It's too heartbreaking. I can't explain what I exactly feel.

You wanna stay calm amidst this situation. You want to be optimistic and look forward to the day that all of this is over. As much as I wanted to, I really can't. These past few weeks I always sleep and wake up anxious with all these uncertainties.

You know what's worst that this situation itself? It's the ugly system that makes it difficult for everyone to survive as well as the people that are taking advantage of it. 

It is not just a health crisis, it's political, it's social.
Our lives do not exist in a vacuum.

After these chaos, I'll do everything to make sure that no one will be left behind.

I promise to take care of my sanity. I need this for the revolution.
Good night. 

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