July 20, 2020

Let me try this again.

Imagine being in a creative industry and yet, you seem to forget how to create for yourself. 

For the past couple of months, I have noticed how my consumption skyrocketed.
 No, not only food, but  also media- podcast, YouTube videos, movies, books, online class readings and social media posts. I feel bloated will all these information that I've gobbled. There's nothing wrong with media consumption, especially if it's for your improvement. 

I feel energize when I consume.. when I am able to know something new.
But it seems like I am not allotting enough time to digest them-  always one after the other. 
Too many input and less to zero output.

My default outlet is photography- and public life as my subject. But at time like this, I am not sure if it's a good idea to roam around. Yes, Circuit Breaker has been lifted but the virus is still there.
So,  I am thinking of some ways to feel creative again. Hence, the photo above. 

Pen  and paper became so foreign to me. Hoping to be friends with them again. 
Let's get out of this rut. 

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