Something to look forward

August 23, 2020


Don't you miss those red-eye flights? 'cause I do.

I am supposed to work on my online course assignment but here we are..  trying to escape.. again.. Just mentally, though. But I really, really, really wanted to leave this place.  I miss my solitude, I miss quietness, I miss having no noisy people around me.

 I can't hear my thoughts anymore, and it frustrates me.  And since that's the case, might as well write them, cause this my be my only outlet for now.. 

 I can't understand what's with August. It seems like I subconsciously put myself in crossroads, this month of every year for the last 5 years. It has always been my January. I keep starting anew. I though this year would be different, because of the pandemic. But no, here we go again. Feeling frustrated on my status quo. Feeling so stuck. I know this feeling, a very familiar prelude. 

Why does it feel like there's no end in sight?  Nothing to look forward to. Probably the reason why people these days into this online shopping trends. Instead to vacations, those packages are making them excited. Part of me almost fell into the rabbit hole, but then my parent self won't allow me. That self who just wanted to get out from this city. So thanks for looking after my impulsive side, I guess. 

I'll just resume with my paper tomorrow, hopefully. I can't digest some serious content right now. Guess I'll be sleeping early. Hopefully this noisy roommate would get off the phone soon..

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