Proof of Life

May 30, 2021

It's been a week since I moved to a new place. No more noisy roommates! I can finally choose the music and scent that I want. (Hello, scented candles). Choice really comes with a hefty price tag. But in my defense, opportunity cost was considered in making this decision. Fun fact: Opportunity cost (economics term) is the value of the lost alternative when you choose the other option. In this case: having a clear mental state is the possible lost opportunity. To quote my friend "Peace is a luxury". I just need this now. 

Anyway, I got a west-facing window! Who doesn't want a golden hour mirror selfie? I just realized how millennial that was. Speaking of generation, I already joined the older millennials clique. So this is how it feels to be 30, huh? It's like, uhm.. okay? 

I felt like I've lost my grip onto the things that I used to enjoy- since the last quarter of last year 'til before I moved out. I've always been with my companion, you know, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney+ and my bestest, YouTube. Oh, you have no idea how much of a slacker I've become. I've never even finished a book in 8 months! Junk food intake increased, exercise decreased. What a great combo, right? It was fun, though. I mean, countless of trash series? That was entertaining. LOL. But it was  quite an unhealthy lifestyle, I know.. That is why I am starting to build these routines again. Meditate, Workout, Morning reads.. Live, laugh, love era, come through! But kidding aside, I know that it's time to get back on track. Whatever that track is. LOL

Okay, Life update done. BRB in eons.

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